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There are several things that can block, restrict or damage your sewer and water lines such as; shifting soil, freezing ground causing cracking and collapsed pipes.  Grease and oil build up, paper, human waste and even foreign objects can also prevent proper flow.  And of course the passage of time can cause pipes to breakdown and erode.  But the most common causes of sewer back-ups, cracked lines and drainage issues is root intrusion. ​

Roots from trees and surrounding shrubs can enter through the cement sewer lines at the joints.  These roots grow and expand filling up the pipes with hair-like root masses.  These root clusters get quickly clogged up with toilet paper and other debris choking the water flow from the home to the main sewer.

By using a specialized camera head that we insert into an existing clean out or entry point in the sewer line, we are able to thoroughly inspect your sewer and drain lines.  This technique allows us to see the condition of your sewer lines and accurately pin point problem areas.   As the camera maneuvers through the line it measures the distance as it travels and with the locator we are able to measure the depth of the line as well.

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