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Trenchless Pipe Repair and Replacement

Trenchless pipe repair and replacement technology allows NW Sewer & Drain to replace old lines without the hassle, interruptions and excavating that a normal sewer or pipeline replacement can require.​​

Because Cured-In-Place-Pipe, also known as CIPP, and Pipe Bursting require less digging and less time, it usually means less money out of your pocket, less of your time and less landscape disturbance.

                    Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP)
As a Certified Perma-Liner™ Installer, we offer a cost effective and time saving way of sewer repair.  Also known as “Cured in Place Pipe” (CIPP) repair. 

This technology repairs your damaged pipe by inserting a fabric lining tube saturated with polyester resins into your existing damaged pipe through an access point like an exterior clean-out.  Once the fabric is in place hot water or steam is then circulated through the tube to initiate the curing process and hardens into place leaving a smooth, resilient surface that will last 50 years or more. And since the liner is seamless, there is no place for roots to intrude.

                                The Process

After the line has been TV Inspected and it has been determined that installing a CIPP Liner is the best option for repairing the pipe we would begin the installation process.  The installation process normally takes about 3 days from start to finish:

Day 1:  Prepare site and line for liner 

Day 2:  Install liner and allow to cure

Day 3:  City inspection to approve installation, then back-fill and site clean-up.

                       The Advantages of CIPP:
 *Perma-Liner™ lining can repair most any type of pipe including:  clay, cast iron, PVC, ductile iron and concrete. 
*No digging saves time, money, your landscaping and limits interruptions.
*Seamless technology eliminates joints, prevents infiltration and root intrusion.
*Increases flow capacity due to surface quality.
*Molds to host pipe enhancing structural strength and acts as a stand-alone pipe.

*Effectively lines through a 90 degree bend; conforming to non-standard pipe shapes and sizes.
*Materials custom specified to meet each application’s requirements.
*Can be used to patch holes in pipeline and repairs can be made anywhere in the pipe.
*Allows for seamless transitions between 4” pipe and 6” pipe laterals.
*Installation can be done through a 4” stack or existing outside cleanout.*Life expectancy of Perma-Liner™ at least 50 years; actual test results are forecasted at 100 years!

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              Pneumatic Pipe Bursting
With the Pneumatic Pipe Bursting process a new pipe actually replaces the existing pipe.  Although this is considered a "no dig" method there are two holes that are dug; an entrance and exit hole.  The new pipe is guided through the existing concrete pipe via a hydraulic guide by hooking a cable to the bursting head attached to the new pipe at the exiting end.  

Using a simple, effective process, the bursting tool is placed into the host pipe at an entry pit or manhole. A constant hydraulic tension winch, based at the exit area pit and attached to the head of the tool, guides it through the host pipe. Continuous percussion from the pneumatic head fractures the host pipe.

The bursting tool effectively hammers its way through the host pipe, displacing the fragments into the surrounding soil, while simultaneously pulling the new pipe, usually High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), into place behind it.

Pipe bursting is the only trenchless method of replacement that allows for the up-sizing of the original pipe.

              What are the advantages           of Pneumatic Pipe Bursting method?

*The entire pipe is replaced and the problem is completely solved not just patched.
*Without digging a trench the time and money saved (not to mention your landscaping) can be upwards of 25%-40%
*The old pipe can be replaced with the same or larger pipe for increased flow capacity.  This option is great when access areas are tight and open trench methods can present a challenge.


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